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Crafting Seamless Digital Experiences

Web Development

Our team of expert web developers builds high-performing, user-friendly websites that engage your audience and drive results.

We Focus on:

E-commerce solutions

Building robust online stores for seamless transactions.

Custom web development

Tailored to specific business needs and goals.

Content management systems (CMS)

Empowering clients to easily manage their website content.

Integration with other platforms

Seamlessly connecting your website to existing systems.


Optimizing websites for improved visibility and organic traffic.

Responsive design

Ensuring optimal viewing across all devices.

Mobile App Development

We develop native and cross-platform mobile applications that deliver a seamless and engaging user experience.

We Focus on:

Native app development (iOS and Android)

Leveraging platform-specific features for optimal performance.

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design

Creating intuitive and visually appealing mobile apps.

Cross-platform development

Reaching a wider audience with a single codebase.

App store optimization (ASO)

Maximising app visibility and downloads.

Agile development

Ensuring efficient and iterative development processes.

API integration

Connecting your mobile app to existing systems and data sources.

Engaging Your Users on the Go


Lilokwi is a platform dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich tapestry of audio recordings. Recognizing the inherent value of these sonic artefacts, Lilokwi provides a space for users to discover, share, and archive audio content ranging from historical speeches and musical performances to personal memories and field recordings.

The platform fosters a sense of community by connecting individuals with a shared passion for audio preservation, ensuring that these invaluable sounds remain accessible for generations to come. Lilokwi's commitment to digital preservation and accessibility makes it a vital resource for researchers, educators, and anyone seeking to explore the sonic history of our world.


Streamlining Your Software Delivery Pipeline

DevOps & DevSecOps

Our DevOps and DevSecOps expertise ensures efficient, secure, and scalable software development processes.

We Focus on:


Automating the software development lifecycle for faster deployments.

Security automation

Integrating security practices throughout the development process.

Cloud migration and optimization

Leveraging cloud platforms for scalability and cost-efficiency.

Monitoring and logging

Ensuring visibility into system performance and identifying potential issues.

Infrastructure as code (IaC)

Managing infrastructure through code for consistency and reproducibility.

Collaboration and communication

Fostering seamless collaboration between development, operations, and security teams.

Pixis is a leading artificial intelligence (AI) platform specialising in generating high-quality, photorealistic images. Utilising advanced deep learning algorithms, Pixis empowers users to create stunning visuals from text descriptions, known as prompts. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, enabling both novice and experienced users to explore the creative potential of AI image generation.

Pixis's capabilities extend beyond basic image creation, allowing for customization of styles, resolutions, and artistic elements. This versatility makes it an ideal tool for various applications, including marketing materials, social media content, and artistic endeavours.

ERP Solutions Dynamics 365

We offer comprehensive Dynamics 365 implementation and support services to streamline your business processes and drive growth.

We Focus on:

Dynamics 365 implementation

Tailored to your specific industry and business needs.

Customization and integration

Extending Dynamics 365 functionality to meet unique requirements.

Data migration and integration

Moving your existing data into Dynamics 365 seamlessly.

Ongoing maintenance and support

Providing ongoing assistance to ensure optimal performance.

Ongoing maintenance and support

Providing ongoing assistance to ensure optimal performance.

Training and support

Ensuring your team can effectively use Dynamics 365.

Transforming Your Business Operations with Dynamics 365


Unlocking the Power of AI for Customer Engagement

NLP & Chatbots

We leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) and chatbot technology to enhance customer interactions and streamline business processes.

We Focus on:

Chatbot development

Creating intelligent chatbots that can handle customer inquiries and provide support.

NLP integration

Enabling chatbots to understand and respond to natural language input.

Customer service automation

Improving response times and reducing workload on customer service teams.

Lead generation and qualification

Using chatbots to capture leads and qualify potential customers.

Personalised experiences

Providing tailored interactions based on user preferences.

Multichannel support

Deploying chatbots across various platform to ensure seamless customer engagement.

Modal Support offers software that enhances customer support by providing a comprehensive knowledge base. This tool enables companies to create a self-service help centre for customers and an internal resource for support teams. It aims to improve response times, reduce support workload, and ensure consistent, on-brand communication.

Features include 24/7 self-service, SEO-friendly content, and efficient knowledge management, making it easier for customers to find answers independently and for support teams to access information quickly.

Data Engineering

Our data engineering expertise helps you build robust data pipelines, analyse data effectively, and gain actionable insights.

We Focus on:

Data warehousing and data lakes

Creating centralised data repositories for efficient storage and analysis.

Data integration and ETL

Extracting, transforming, and loading data from various sources.

Big data analytics

Leveraging advanced analytics techniques to uncover hidden patterns and trends.

Data visualisation and reporting

Presenting data insights in a clear and compelling way.

Data governance and security

Ensuring data integrity, privacy, and compliance.

Real-time data processing

Implementing solutions for real-time data capture and analysis to enable immediate decision-making.

Extracting Value from Your Data


First Class Flyer and UpgradeEngine are two innovative services enhancing air travel, particularly in premium classes. First Class Flyer is a membership-based service that finds and secures significant deals on first and business class tickets, offering personalized advice and comprehensive fare analyses. This allows members to enjoy luxury travel at a fraction of the cost. UpgradeEngine, on the other hand, focuses on securing upgrades for existing bookings.

It uses smart bidding algorithms and real-time monitoring to increase the chances of moving to higher classes, making premium travel more accessible and cost-effective. Together, these services offer travelers a superior, more affordable travel experience.

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Experienced & Dedicated Team

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about delivering exceptional results. We are committed to understanding your business needs and delivering solutions that exceed your expectations.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize client satisfaction and maintain open communication throughout the project lifecycle. We are dedicated to building long-term partnerships with our clients and providing ongoing support and maintenance.

Innovation & Technology Expertise

We are constantly exploring and adopting new technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve and providing our clients with the latest advancements in technology.

Competitive Pricing & Flexible Engagement Models

We offer competitive pricing and flexible engagement models to meet your specific needs and budget. We are committed to providing value for money and delivering a return on your investment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing model is tailored to the specific needs of each project. We offer fixed-price contracts, hourly rates, and subscription-based models. We will work with you to determine the most suitable pricing model for your project.

We follow an agile development methodology that emphasizes collaboration, continuous feedback, and iterative improvements. We will work closely with you throughout the development process to ensure that your project meets your expectations.

We prioritize data security and implement robust measures to protect your data, including encryption, access controls, and regular security audits. We comply with industry regulations and best practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

We serve a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, education, retail, and technology. We have experience working with businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

To get started, simply contact us through our website or schedule a consultation. We will be happy to discuss your project needs and provide you with a customised solution.

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